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Products & Services


We are a water management company & authorized channel partners for specialized plumbing products for last 25 years. We deal with distribution & installations.

Pumping Systems

We are the System Integrators for Pumping, Hydropneumatic and Pressure / Booster Systems for various applications

  • Domestic Sector
  • Bangalows
  • Commercial Buildings like Hotels , Malls, Schools, Hospitals
  • Special projects like Stadiums , Air Ports , Big Trade Centres

Our strength is in integrating system as per Customer’s Requirements using various types and makes of Pumps and other gadgets suitably for Optimum Performance. The systems are fully automated with control panels as per customer needs.

Smaart Water Management Systems

We are Channel Partners  and Service Associates for CalpeSmaartwater Systems. Smaartwater is a Marico group organization promoted by Dr, Ravi Mariwala. We are in

  • Water Treatment Plants consisting of Softners, Filtration etc. We have the new technology with Activated Filter Media (AFM) which replaces Carbon and Sand Filters;
  • For softening we use weak acid technology for specific purposes. Of course, normal softening with Ion Exchange is also available;
  • Smaartwater is official franchisee of NEERI for the Phyto type STPs;
  • Installations in Pune, Alibaug, Mumbai and many other places.

Kirloskar Pumps & Applications

We are Dealers for Kirloskar Pumps. This is a well known brand having good market share and acceptance. As Kirloskars  is a Pune Based Group the availability is assured. We also have the In House facility for the repairs of these pumps.

The salient features are

  • Pumps with wide range and applications;
  • Competitive in pricing;
  • Easy availability and easy serviceability.

'Durgo' Air Admittance Valves (AAVs)

‘Durgo’ is a well known organization from Sweden manufacturing AAVs for a long time and we are Pan India partners for them for marketing their products

  • AAVs with all International Approvals;
  • Well known in European Market as well as in Japan, China and many other countries;
  • Easy to fit;
  • Competitive in pricing;
  • Specific valves for 75 mm and 110 mm application.


We deal in various types of valves required for Water Management. These are

  • Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV)
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Non Return Valves
  • Zero Velocity Valves
  • Air Vents

The Brands we deal are best in quality and well known in the market. These are like Honeywell, OR, Sant, Uttam etc.

Services & Repairs

We provide design, installation and commissioning of

  • Pumping Systems for societies, multi-stories and bungalows;
  • WTP and STP systems for similar applications.

We also provide Annual Maintenance Contracts for above systems. The AMCs are Comprehensive or Non-comprehensive. With 24/7 support available for any emergency breakdowns, we are currently serving 30+ societies in Pune for AMCs.

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